Go Paperless

Say Hello to the modern, efficient front office and eliminate the paperwork clutter. Speed up check-ins, streamline practice operations and make life for your patients easier

Speed Up Patient Check-In

Cut down on time in the waiting room! Ask your patients to complete their forms online prior to appointment

No More Clipboards

No more paper, no more clipboards or stolen pens. Patients complete registration and other forms via your mobile APP. Saving both time and effort for your patients

Enhance Patient Experience

Today’s lifestyle is all about convenience, so why not give patients control over when and how they communicate with your practice? Look at your own phone, how convenient are the APP’s on your device?

HIPPA Compliant

Your APP provides Full HIPPA compliance standards to all forms. Ensuring all patient information is protected as per standards set by the HIPPA Act of 1996

Icon Driven Interface

Easy to navigate form page and profile section allows patients to easily create or update health history and HIPPA forms. They can even upload their insurance documents and ID Cards.

Why App My Practice?

Bridge the communication gap with patients

The future is here, with 80% of Americans using their mobile device as a primary form of communication, you will have to adapt or miss out. We urge you to adapt.