Appointment Booking

ICON driven APP Interface allows your patients the simplicity of scheduling their appointments without ever making a phone call. There’s Nothing to install, Nothing to download. Once your patient visits your site they will have direct access to your custom APP and all it’s features

Appointment Reminders

With our Integrated API to your EMR Software, patients will receive automated appointment reminders, as well as follow-up notifications thanking them for the business and encouraging them to leave a review on one of your social media platforms.

Fill Empty Time Slots

Allow patients to request an open time slot. AMP keeps a “real time” calendar from your office scheduling software and only allows patients to choose available time slots.

More Brilliant Features

Your All-In-One Management app is loaded with rich features necessary to bridge the communication gap between your patients and your office. Using the Admin portal, one office administrator can easily keep your office database in sync with all your patients 24/7.

Digital Forms

From the comfort of home, work or in their car, your patients can now complete all their forms right from your own APP. Patients can also upload images of their insurance & ID Cards.

Drip Marketing Made Simple

Create a message using predefined templates, then share via text, email or push notification. It really is that simple.

Social Review Management

Easily manage and post “Social Reviews” From your patients while in your office or after they have left. Once collected, AMP will automatically post to your social networks.